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Time Magazine

The Standing Committee
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Los Angeles Times

Miami Herald

Santa Monica Mirror

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WOAI Radio

Daily Bruin

Journal of Clinical Psychology

Behavior Modification

Behavior Therapy

Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

Psychologists' Desk Reference

Integrative Assessment of Adult Personality

Hybrid Circuit Technology Magazine

Tri-County Business and Technology

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Studio E Bookshelf's titles are included in a .rar file that also contains a T-shirt transfer and two other surprises.

Once you make your selection out of our titles, you will be sent an email with the URL to your download. Click on the URL link and save the download to your computer.

Once you have downloaded your book, open it in Winrar. (Trial versions for Windows/Mac available here.)

After it is opened in winrar, you will find several files including the book, covers, and surprises.

Our books are published in .PDF which can be read on multiple readers including the Kindle, Sony Reader, and Nook. They can also be read on PDA's, iphones, blackberries, and on the PC or Mac with the Adobe's free .PDF reader.

Check your device's manual for specific instructions on how to read or convert for that device.

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